Thursday, December 21, 2006


Just wanted to give a little update on my progress and adjustment to this big, wide world.

Mommy and Daddy took me to the Doctor's yesterday...Mommy was right (as usual)...I am a very big boy at 13 1/2 pounds and 24 1/4 inches - apparently that puts me way over the 90% mark. Everything else was great, I am right on or ahead of the game in all the milestones.

I was, however, not so thrilled with the other part of the appointment...The shots! Daddy held me while the mean, mean doctor guy put NEEDLES IN MY THIGHS! THE NERVE! To top it off it turns out I am too young for the lollipop to sooth the pain. I basically forgot all about it ten minutes later, but apparently I have to go back next month...

So, coming up, Mommy and Daddy keep telling me about this big guy in a red suit that will come down the chimney in a couple days....Sounds cool and all, but what I am really looking forward to is my Pops, Mormor, Grandma, Grandpa, Great-Grandma, Great-Grandpa, Aunt Elizabeth, and of course Aunt Mer (who is traveling all the way from LA to see me)...They are all so excited about holding me, and loving me, and sharing my first Christmas....I AM A VERY LUCKY BOY!

Happy Christmas, Benjamin Leo Cottam