Sunday, January 25, 2009

San Jose Trip

Nancy's pics of Ben and the 101 cousins in San Jose.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Toys for Children's Cancer Association

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Thanks to everyone who donated to the Children's Cancer Association in Melinda's honor, and who put money in a card for us. RaeAnn and I took the money given to us, and took Benjamin to Finnegan's Toy Store, and had him pick out 3 big bags of toys for the CCA. We explained to him that they were for kids who were very, very, very, very sick like his mommy....he seemed to understand that. When we got to the CCA, he was able to tell Mary and her staff what the toys were for.

(The CCA had lost most of their toys due to a basement flood in the past few months.)

Thanks again for your donations--you've helped bring sunshine to some kids and families going through some terrible, terrible times...and you've helped Benjamin with a very valuable life lesson!

Thanks also to Finnegan's Toy Store, who took 10% off the total as their contribution to the cause.